NPN Delivers Value

Patients enjoy a different kind of healthcare experience in our network, one that's focused on them. Some of the many benefits you can expect with NPN include:

  • Wellness and Preventive Services
  • Help with Transitions of Care
  • Assistance by Contacting Providers on Your Behalf
  • Advocacy Regarding Insurance Benefits
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Reconciling Medications

More Choices

NPN is the largest multispecialty provider network in Washington with over 900 community-based primary care and specialty physicians and more than 80 outpatient surgery and diagnostic imaging centers in your neighborhood.

More Services

Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming. We understand. That's why we established a Care Management team to be your guide, making sure you're seeing the right provider, receiving the right care and having the right services performed at the right time.

More Convenience

With 56 different medical specialties in the NPN network and over 300 locations in the Western WA area, your care is right around the corner.

  • Assistance
    with Referrals
    to Specialists
  • Help Obtaining
    Home Medical
  • Access to
    and Services
  • Coordinating
    Care between
  • Health and
  • Guidance
    Related to
    Financial lssues

Here's What Patients are Saying

  • I really want to thank you for what must seem a thankless job. I appreciate the skill and
    ease with which, you are able to navigate the monstrous mystery of medical networking.
    Patient cared for by NPN Case Manager
  • I want to thank you. You have really helped me. I didn’t understand about my
    medications or when to go to the hospital before. Now I’m eating better and sleeping
    better and taking my pills like I should. I’m feeling a lot better. It helps me to have
    somebody to talk to every week. I didn’t have that before.
    Sound Family Medicine/UHMA Behavioral Health Patient Followed by NPN Care Management