Our Guiding Principles

We believe our first responsibility is to our customers: the providers, patients and payors that participate in the network.


Affiliated providers must be able to thrive while retaining their autonomy. We must be committed to making their practices stronger through gaining new contracts and providing tools and resources to improve care coordination, streamline their workflow and grow their revenue.


Patients should have high-quality healthcare choices close to where they live and work. We must provide support services to create a better patient experience for them. And we must ensure that they are seeing the right provider, receiving the right care and having the right services performed at the right time.


Payors must be able to rely on us to expediently deploy, implement and monitor their contracts. We must be selective in our contractual relationships so that we are bringing value, new patients and incremental revenue to our providers.

We are responsible to our employees. They must be treated with respect, compensated fairly and recognized for their individual contribution. Opportunities must be provided for their personal development and growth. Our culture should foster an environment that welcomes their suggestions, creativity and innovation.

We are responsible to our community. We believe that the consolidation of medicine today is not in the best interest of patients or practitioners in Washington. We must continue to transform local healthcare, putting patients and our community-based providers at the center, making decisions locally rather than corporately, and offering more choices, more services and more convenience.

We are responsible to our physician owners. We must be diligent in expanding our provider base to ensure our organizational growth. We must continue to acquire new risk contracts so our physician owners can maintain the sustainability of their practices through increased access to patients. We should continually look for ways to become more efficient, reducing our costs and improving our bottom line.