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NPN is Transforming Local Healthcare

NPN has a different vision of how healthcare should be delivered. Today it is characterized by rising costs, escalating premiums, restrictive choices and corporate, bottom-line focused decision making. Physicians lose autonomy. Patients often lose their trusted provider.

But it doesn't need to be that way.

NPN Provides More Choices, More Services, More Convenience.

More Choices

Our patients can choose from over 200 primary care physicians, 600 specialists and over 80 outpatient surgery and diagnostic imaging centers right where they live and work.

NPN Network Providers can elect to participate in a diverse portfolio of over 200 ambulatory/community-based care centers including diagnostic and surgical services, gaining new patients and revenue sources to grow their practice.

More Services

With over 56 different medical specialties within our network, our NPN care management team serves as a liaison between our patients and healthcare providers, offering education, resources and support, resulting in a better patient experience.

NPN Network Providers have access to industry-leading clinical integration tools to improve efficiency, communication and care coordination, all while strengthening their practice's financial health.

More Convenience

With over 300 locations in twelve counties in the Western WA area, patients can get the care they need close to home.

We provide physicians with resources to reduce their administrative burden, allowing more time for direct patient care and less time on paperwork. While you're focused on improving patient outcomes, we're focused on improving practice outcomes.

NPN is Washington's Largest Multispecialty Provider Network

We are a collaboration of over 900 community-based primary care and specialty physicians in the Western WA area dedicated to providing high quality, coordinated care while reducing unnecessary costs and improving patient outcomes.

As part of the NPN family, patients have more healthcare options to choose from, right in their neighborhood. And our physician members benefit by retaining autonomy while gaining patients, leverage and support.

Why NPN?

We Give You More.

NPN was created in 1995 by physicians, for physicians. We understand the important role that private practice physicians have in the overall healthcare system and in the lives of their patients. We also believe that the corporate consolidation of today is not in the best interests of patients or practitioners. We have a different vision.

With NPN, patients have increased access to physicians, outpatient centers and allied health professionals at multiple locations within their communities. Simply, patients have more healthcare options and more support with NPN. Physician members gain the strength and support resources of the largest multispecialty provider network in Washington to make their practices stronger while being able to provide quality medicine without the restrictions imposed by corporate directives.

Patients and physicians used to be at the center of healthcare. At NPN they still are.

For Providers

NPN provider members enjoy the benefit of retaining their autonomy while gaining the advantages of being part of a larger organization. From on-line referral management to HIPAA-compliant secure text messaging, integrated behavioral health and evidence-based clinical initiatives, NPN members have access to industry-leading tools, technology and support. We are your dedicated partner, helping you to not only succeed but to thrive.

For Patients

The healthcare system today is broken and patients are frustrated as a result of increasingly shorter office visits, minimal dialogue with their physician and care plans that are not coordinated. Providers that are part of the NPN network are different. You'll enjoy more healthcare options, greater support, better coordinated care and improved patient-provider communication. And that adds up to a better patient experience.

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