Executive Leadership Team

Scott F. Kronlund, MD, MS

President & Chief Medical Officer

Scott Kronlund, MD, MS is the President & Chief Medical Officer of NPN. He is a Board Certified Family Physician and Certified Physician Executive.


Jesse Gamez

Chief Operating Officer

Jesse Gamez joined NPN as Chief Operating Officer in November, 2016. A graduate of Portland State University, Jesse brings over 25 years of ...


Robert Burr

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Burr joined NPN as Chief Technology Officer in December, 2016. A Cum Laude graduate of Washington State University, Robert has been...


Shari Peterson, RN BSN, CCM

Director of Clinical & Information Operations

Shari Peterson, RN BSN, CCM is NPN's Director of Clinical and Information Operations. She came to NPN in 2003 after working 21 years in health care at the bedside.


Phyllis Smith

Director of Claims Operations

Phyllis Smith has spent over 30 years in healthcare administration. Prior to her work at NPN, she was the Claims Training Coordinator for Weyerhaeuser’s Self-Insured Benefits Delivery division.


Jean Gambrielle

Director of Practice Support Sevices

Jean Gambrielle is the Director of Practice Support Services at NPN, joining the organization in 1997. She oversees a comprehensive Team with responsibility for Contracting, Credentialing...


Steven Wick

Director of Financial Operations

Steven Wick is the Director of Financial Operations at NPN, joining the organization in 2006. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Central Washington University.


Executive Committee Members

John Samms, MD

William F. Roes, MD

Ted Bridge, MD

Mohammad Saeed, MD

Board of Directors

Joseph Clabots, MD

Kingson Momah, MD

Jennifer Smith, MD

James Wilson, MD

Ralph Katsman, MD

Rich Maturi

Dave Kimberling